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Let us do the numbers for you!…………TAXES

Reasons you shouldn’t prepare your own tax return AND why you should have us do it for you:

5 Reasons you should NOT prepare your own tax return:

  1. Do you have time to prepare your own tax return?
  2. Do you think you would save money by preparing your own tax return?
  3. Do you understand the 72,536 pages of federal tax rules?
  4. Do you understand the thousands of recent tax law changes?
  5. Do you know how to minimize your chance of getting an IRS notice?


  1. Your tax return will be prepared by someone who is BOTH a CPA and EA
  2. Our Quality Control Checklist ensures you pay the least amount in taxes and reduces the chance of you being audited
  3. FREE review of your last two years’ tax returns
  4. FREE Year Round Tax & Financial Advice
  5. FREE Support If You Get An IRS Notice. (An IRS Notice usually shows an amount owed that is MORE than what is actually owed and there is a good chance you owe nothing!)
  6. FREE Withholding Planner
  7. We Won’t Just Put Your Numbers On Tax Forms – We’ll Help Lower Your Taxes (missing one tax deduction could cost you more than our fee)
  8. Express Drop-Off and Pick-Up Service (no appointment needed)
  9. E-mail response to your tax questions from a Tax Professional within 24 hours
  10. Special Promotions during Tax Season and year round (first-time clients)
  11. Our tax REFUNDS were $1,020 more than the national average
  12. We have been serving the High Desert and all 50 States since 2004
  13. We do our due diligence to find and get you the deductions you deserve to LOWER your TAXES and get you MAXIMUM REFUND


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Do and Keep your books with us……..BOOK KEEPING

Do you books with Majesty Tax Services and worry only about your business. We use the best industry software to prepare accounting and bookkeeping services for your clients. We offer special  sign up discounts year round for new customers. We accumulate more clients due to REFERRALS as a result of our professional and courteous service.





payroll image2Save and do your payroll with us………PAYROLL

At Majesty Tax Services payroll service is seamless. We take the worry out of payroll and deliver an exceptional service. We ensure that your business taxes and employee withholdings are paid timely and accurately to the IRS and your State Tax Agencies. We ensure that all year end tax filings are reported timely and efficiently.  





CORPORATION PACKAGEProtect your Personal Assets by Incorporating with us…………INCORPORATION

Majesty Tax Services will help you file your articles of incorporation and provide you with your complete corporate package including your corporate SEAL as shown in the photo to the left. Do not let creditors seize your personal assets such your home, cars, boats, and all your personal valuables but by incorporating with us you will avoid this from happening. We provide year round new sign-up specials for NEW CORPORATIONS, LLC’s, LLP’s, and General Partnerships.